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Risks are reducing with the new business life!

Corporations prefer Managed Services.


We have been prepared to offer "Managed Service" from the day we were founded!

We offer reliable management from a strong foundation with our years of experience, knowledge, professional, well-equipped technical staff, investments in the solutions we provide, and our monitoring center.​


Compliments to Datacore for Managed Services

If you don't want to think about daily routines and just want to focus on results, Managed Services is the right solution for you. Through Managed Services, you save your team from their daily routine with no added value and focus them on their areas of expertise. Datacore has been providing the following services for 6 years with its experienced and certified employees.


Managed Back-up Services

Datacore starts Managed Back-up Service works from your back-up infrastructure, checks its environment (backup disk, backup network, etc.) and makes the most suitable design for your company.

It determines the licenses based on the operating systems, applications or needs running in your company. Then it forms backup policies in line with the requests from you. It monitors all your backup procedures 24/7 and does your daily work for you.


By meeting all the requests from you, it initiates the restore processes you need and the backups of the new servers and applications you add to the system.

It may send a copy of your backup data that you keep in the company to the Datacosmos infrastructure and keep your backup data in a second secured environment. In this way, you will save your data from both physical disk failures and natural disasters by providing geographic backup. It keeps your data secured and you comfortable with strong contracts and routine controls.

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