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From Strong Foundation,

To the Reliable Management.


While providing top-level uninterrupted service with corporate added value, it is ensured that the infrastructures are managed without risk and the correct use of operational resources with monthly payments instead of making large investments from the first day.

Managed Back-up Service
Managed Disaster Recovery (DR) Service
Managed Archive Service

View of Datacore Bilgi Sistemleri

on Managed Services

DATACORE Bilgi Sistemleri, Turkey's leading intelligent data management firm, offers integrated solutions that ensure safe and continuous protection and operation of data in all kinds of environments, from servers to network structures, within the framework of the “Intelligent Data Management” concept. Conveying the knowledge and experience that it has had for over 24 years to the Managed Services, the firm continues to provide reliable service to many leading corporations in Turkey.

Datacore Bilgi Sistemleri has gathered the Managed Services it offers under three main headings: Managed Back-up Service, Managed DR Service, Managed Archive Service.


Considering that approximately 80% of Datacore employees are technical personnel, services are provided with maximum security in terms of both monitoring and management under the supervision of expert engineers in the specially established monitoring center.

Datacore Bilgi Sistemleri provides the information technology teams with the advantage of being the one supervising instead of managing, by reducing the IT costs, financial burden and operational costs of the companies it offers Managed Service while increasing their security.


Considering the Managed Back-up Service, mostly the concerns such as the length of the duration of the back-up and recovery, whether the secured data is safe, and whether it is up-to-date according to the needs of the developing technology come to the fore in the information obtained from the interviews with institutions. Also, negative situations that affect the institution and challenge the operational resources such as heavy payments made from the first day, time loss in personnel circulation come into question. Within the scope of Managed Back-up Service, monitoring and management are performed 24/7/365. While the performance and performance values are instantly checked, high-level protection is provided through continuously working structures.


Verification tests are also carried out regularly within the scope of the consultancy and improvement services. The uninterrupted workflow is provided with the dedicated team and system performance and statistics are submitted to you with detailed reporting.

Contracts are also crucial in Managed Services. A contract written in pieces without thinking through a few examples previously prepared poses a great danger for these services and contracts in this field are different.

It is only possible with experience to write down all the foreseen or unforeseen possibilities that both parties will experience during the term of the agreement. There must be a comprehensive contract that has been spoken from the first day, in which needs are perceived and written correctly and all demands are also included.

Although it is a difficult decision to benefit from the Managed Services, the common discourse of our corporate customers who make this decision and prefer Datacore is that handing over the risk of routine work and feeling of trust and satisfaction with the benefit provided to the organization with the use of operational resources make us stronger!

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Risks are decreasing with the new business life!
Corporations prefer Managed Services.


With Managed Service, you switch to a much safer working model and reduce the predicted costs and risks.

What is Managed Services?

The following services are provided in a high-level secure and systematic working structure while ensuring the correct use of the operational resources with monthly payments instead of making large investments from the first day of the corporation.

• 7x24 365 days monitoring
• Instant check of performance values 7x24 365 days. Ensuring uninterrupted working of structures with a professional team
• High level of protection
• Providing system performance and performance statistics with Detailed Reporting
• Verification Tests
• Special customer service tracking with CRM system


Managed Back-up



Managed Disaster Recovery




Managed Archive


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With Datacore Managed Services; 
Your data is secured 7x24 in Private Monitoring Center 


7x24x365 days monitoring | 7x24x365 days instant check of performance values | High level protection Ensuring uninterrupted working of structures with a professional team | Providing system performance and performance statistics with detailed reporting | Verification tests | Special customer service tracking with SAP


Why Managed Services?

In today's world, managing data has become one of the most important and complex IT challenges for businesses of all sizes.

•    The length of the duration of back-up and recovery

•    How secure the secured data actually is
•    Whether the infrastructure is up-to-date according to developing needs



Don't you have these concerns too?

There are also unexpected situations such as disasters. Speaking of disaster, Viruses, Floods, Earthquakes, Fire and Terror attacks. When you encounter a disaster, that is, when that bad day comes, will you be able to recover your data from the back-up?

The world is changing. Companies that establish proper infrastructure also choose to Hand Over their Risks and Grow by switching to Managed Services.

1- The lump sums you make from the first day, instant and unplanned expenses affecting the budgets cause you administrative difficulties.
2- You are not able to ensure the continuity of expert staff. The shortage of personnel in this case and the adaptation process of the new personnel seriously affect your institution.
3-Moreover, you cannot easily be sure whether the person you hire as an expert is knowledgeable and the right person.
4-Does your infrastructure design have the performance to meet the needs of the future? You are concerned in this regard.
5-Even if you have a contract on your maintenance services, the complications experienced are tiring you.
6- You are not able to monitor the system in every aspect with detailed reportings.
7-As the budgets in the institutions shrink and IT needs and requirements are increasing, you should now consider handing over routine tasks such as back-up, archive and disaster recovery, while working more efficiently and productively with less staff.


Don’t you think it’s high time?

With the Managed Services provided by Datacore, corporate value-added high-level services are offered while it is ensured that the infrastructure is managed without risk and operational resources are used correctly with monthly payments instead of making large investments from the first day.


Benefits of the managed services choice;

In today's world, companies prefer to purchase services in order to use their operational business resources more efficiently.


Take Your IT Costs Under Control

The service approach on which you agreed from the first day, is submitted to you with predictable budgets planned from the beginning, and you know how much you will spend and you pay as you use it.

Reduce the Financial Burden

Through managed services, you can reduce the financial burden of your institution with monthly payments instead of making large investments and payments from the first day.


Reduce Your Operational Costs

Waiting for the recruitment and training phases in IT operations is both time consuming and highly costly. Meeting your expectations also means a new process. The correct use of operational resources is ensured with managed services. It allows your valuable employee resource to focus where you need it most..

Increase the Security

Are you sure your data is secured in your current environment? Managed Services system is based on security by its purpose. It works with a system designed to ensure that your data is often secured much better than the level of security you can achieve in your institution..


Be the Supervisor, Not the Manager

Does the entire operation run uninterrupted in your current back-up and disaster recovery environment? If your answer is yes, do you monitor how well it works every day and get instant reports? Through Managed Services, 24/7/365 monitoring and instant check of performance values, ensuring uninterrupted working of the structures with a professional team, offering high-level protection, detailed reporting and system performance and performance statistics, verification tests, SAP and special customer service tracking are provided and regularly shared with you.


Through Managed Services, 

Hand Over the Risk and Grow!

Watched a lot, liked a lot. 
Managed Services with 24 years of experience 



Arkas Holding & Datacore Yönetilen Hizmetler Başarı Hikayesi Kısa Filmi


Çok sevilen Başarı Hikayeleri Kısa Filmlerimize bir yenisini daha ekledik!


Garanti BBVA I Commvault I Datacore

Başarı ve Memnuniyetin Hikayesi


Allianz Türkiye I Commvault –Datacore

Başarı ve Memnuniyetin Hikayesi


Veri Evrenimize Işınlanın! Yoğun ilgiyle tercih edilen Yönetilen Bulut HizmetleriDatacore Güvencesi ile Sizi Bekliyor!


Hand Over the Risk and Grow through Managed Services!


Hand Over the Risk and Grow through Managed Services!


Hand Over the Risk and Grow through Managed Services!


Make Your Universe 
Powerful, Integrated 
and Manageable


We manage your data securely in our data center, take over the risk of your routine work, and enable you to use your operational business resources more efficient.

We securely manage the valuable data of institutions in our data center located in the World Giant Equinix, take over the risk of your routine work, and enable you to use your operational business resources more efficiently.

Datacore Cloud Company - Datacosmos

Datacosmos is an affiliate of Datacore which has been the leader in the field of Enterprise Data Management since year 2000 in Turkey. Datacosmos offers a high level of cloud-based managed services for Backup, Archiving and Disaster Recovery for Large Enterprise Accounts, with extensive knowledge and experienced engineers accumulated over the years. From advanced design, implementation, support services and on premise managed services to cloud based managed services and strong relationship with leading vendors, we provide end to end IT managed services to make your company successful.


Our Quality Policy

Based on these standards, it aims to bring together the fastest, highest quality and most appropriate solution and product packages that best match the needs of its customers.

In this way, it aims to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level by maintaining the efficiency of its services. It works with a process system that can always take the point it has reached one step further.

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